Bobby Marandino

Welcome! My name is Bobby Marandino and I am the creator of Limitlessly Fit.

I created Limitlessly Fit with a single purpose in mind. To help regular guys build lean and ripped physiques WITHOUT going through years of confusion, frustration, and feelings of hopelessness. The same things I had to face before obtaining the physique I have today.

Nowadays, you can just Google your problems and have a list of answers pop up as search results from different people on different sites. Simple right?

However, I’ve found that following this approach can actually be counterproductive. (the main reason why I was doing the wrong thing for YEARS!)

The reason why it can be problematic is because you have different people stating to do different things that may conflict with one another. Before you know it, you’ve been following the wrong advice for months and it significantly sets back your progress.

Don’t make getting in shape harder than it has to be. Follow one trusted source for your fitness information and it’ll make reaching your goals easier.

Limitlessly Fit has been created to be the ONLY site that you need to visit to get all the information you need in order to build a lean and ripped physique.

Everything I or my team recommends is backed up by research or is something that has worked for us and/or our clients.

Oh and don’t worry about keeping up with new fitness trends and research because we do that for you. We stay on top of the new fitness trends and research and let you know exactly what you should be doing to reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible and most importantly, how to keep your hard earned results.

Bobby Marandino’s Story

That’s me to the right not too long ago. I looked like this during high school, and all throughout my college years. I was your typical tall “skinny-fat” guy with an awkward and clumsy build.

Everyone I knew had used my name as the definition of skinny. I even had women turn me down left and right telling me I was “too skinny”.

There I was at 6’2” and 150 pounds. I was skinny, scrawny, and weak. It was a big blow to my ego.

I got so fed up with the criticism, and my overall image that I was determined to change that.

I was determined to prove them all wrong.

“The best revenge is massive success.” –Frank Sinatra Click To Tweet

I started looking into ways to bulk up as fast as possible. I wanted quick results.

I spent hours browsing bodybuilding and muscle building sites, videos, and forums. Looking to find some sort of secret formula or tips that proved to show results in weeks. I even foolishly spend thousands of dollars on supplements and workout systems that didn’t work.

I quickly realized that there is so much conflicting advice out there. How was I supposed to know what really worked and what was a waste of time?

I spent the next couple years of my life jumping from one program to the next, one piece of advice to the next. This got me nowhere.

Finally, after years of getting nowhere, I knew I needed to approach what I am doing differently.

That’s when I started to take notice of the dramatic success stories in Hollywood. I started to ask questions like:

How did Gerard Butler transform his physique into a Greek god for his role in 300?

What was the secret that got Hugh Jackman ripped for the role of Wolverine?

What did Henry Cavill do to step into the role of Superman in Man of Steel? Or Christian Bale as Batman? Or Daniel Craig as James Bond?

These guys weren’t in amazing shape to start with. I mean, Christian Bale was a staggering 120 pounds for his role in The Machinist and then bulked up to 220 pounds for his role in Batman shortly after.

What was the secret that Hollywood had kept locked up to have such massively successful transformations?

After doing some digging I found the one thing that all these Hollywood actors had in common…

They trained 5-6x a week for 2+ hours each day, ate 5-7 small meals a day, and got plenty of rest.

I thought to myself, “How the hell is a regular guy supposed to do that on a consistent basis?”

I mean, we have full time jobs, loved ones to take care of, and other obligations that the Hollywood actors don’t have to worry about.

Not to mention those actors always had personal trainers, nutritionists, and other experts whipping their ass into shape 24/7. If the trainers weren’t enough, they had a financial incentive in the form of a multi-million dollar contract to keep them going.

Discovering Hollywood’s success stories had eventually led me to uncover some of the most effective workout and diet techniques that have been proven to work for some of the most elite athletes, actors, and fitness models on the planet. I’ve since incorporated those techniques into my own fitness plan and experienced insane results. In only a few months, I too was able to start transforming my body, and to this day I continue to push myself to new levels. Best of all, I only lift 3x a week and I still get to enjoy some of my favorite junk foods on occasion without compromising my results.

I wanted to share the techniques I learned and build a community around helping other guys build lean and ripped physiques, without the struggles I had to go through. That’s how Limitlessly Fit was created.

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My team and I have given you the tools, it’s time for you to put them to use.