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Here are some disclaimers I have noted that are in place to protect my business and adhere to the laws that are put in place for blogs such as mine. I’ve broken it down so you can clearly understand how we operate. I believe in transparency and you have a right to know how this website is operated. It is truly in my best intentions to make sure you reach your fitness goals, that’s why I created this site.

Affiliate Disclaimer

As of December 1, 2009, the FTC requires all companies/individuals who promote/recommend products where they may benefit financially from to disclose that they do on their website. Limitlessly Fit and its writers may from time to time promote certain products and brands and receive a commission upon purchase. This does not cost you anything and is all done on the back-end with no negative impact of your viewing experience on Limitlessly Fit. These advertisements can either be in the form of banner ads or text-based links.

We use advertising and affiliate links on Limitlessly Fit to offset the cost of providing the highest quality content on our site. This is done to provide you with high quality free content and ensure that Limitlessly Fit can continue operations. With that said, we hold our affiliates, partners, and promoted products to the same high quality standards as we hold our content. This means that any products we promote are high quality and we believe would provide the Limitlessly Fit audience with value if they were to purchase those said products. We won’t intentionally suggest products that are crappy, scams, or are low quality. When we recommend products, you can be assured it is something special. I will ALWAYS put your best interests in front of making a ‘quick buck’. Don’t worry, I got your back.

Medical Disclaimer

I (Bobby Marandino) and anyone else who is associated with Limitlessly Fit are not medical doctors. Any information provided should not be used in substitution of professional medical advice from a qualified individual. It is important that you discuss with your healthcare professional about any information you’ve read on this site prior to taking action. Exercise and switching up your diet may carry risks associated with it. I and everyone associated with Limitlessly Fit cannot determine what kind of health conditions you may have or have had in the past which is why it is important you always consult your medical professional on any advice you read on the internet before following it. Limitlessly Fit is not responsible for any injury or negative effects caused by following any advice and information provided on this website and its partners websites.

Personal Disclaimer

I am not a medical doctor and I do not pretend to be. As stated above in my medical disclaimer, it is important you discuss with your medical professional prior to working out or switching your diet. All information I provide is my opinion and is presented to you based upon my ten years experience and education. All information presented on Limitlessly Fit is based upon research by the writers and on their own personal experiences. Limitlessly Fit is not liable for any damages caused by following the information provided on this website.