Get the facts about six pack abs and make them easier to obtain.

The 4 Facts About Six Pack Abs You Need to Know

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Knowing the facts about six pack abs can get you on the right track to finally get those rock hard abs you’ve always wanted. I will share with you the 4 most important facts about six packs abs you need to know if you’re serious about getting rid of that belly fat hiding your six pack.

Fact #1: You May Not Have the Type of Six Pack You’ve Always Wanted

There are many different types of six pack abs.

Talk about a major blow to your motivation and ego huh? Actually, it’s as bad as you think.

Abdominal muscle definition is determined by a variety of factors, but one major cause is definition.

If you pick out someone else’s abdominal muscle definition and have that set as your goal you might be disappointed. If you look at several people who are ripped and have a well defined core region, you’ll notice that not all of the muscle definition looks the same. This is because abdominal muscle sizes and shapes widely range depending upon genetics and other factors. You may have a very large split down your abdominal region, you may have more pronounced and larger top ab muscles while having smaller ab muscles in your lower core region. These shapes are for the most part not defined by the focus of abdominal workouts, but by genetics.

The only way you’ll know what kind of abdominal muscle definition you have is to get rid of that stomach fat that is blocking you from seeing your core muscle region.

Fact #2: You Won’t Get Six Pack Abs Overnight

Don’t buy into the hype of some products or workout programs. There are no shortcuts to gain well-defined abdominal muscles. It takes a lot of time and effort to get muscle definition to show up in your core region. The quicker you’ve come to accept this, the better chance you have to consistently stick with a sound workout plan and diet regime to reach your fitness goals.

Getting six pack abs is the hardest fitness goal to achieve. Even though it may be the hardest fitness goal to achieve,you don’t have to make it any harder by falling victim to some routines that don’t effectively work.

Fact #3: Women Have a Harder Time Trying To Get Six Pack Abs

Discover why women have it harder to get six pack abs than men.

Due to genetic differences in body structure between men and women, men are at an advantage when it comes to getting six pack abs. So ladies, if you’re seeing your male workout partner getting results fast than you in the abdominal region it isn’t an illusion and it most likely isn’t because of him possessing a much better workout and diet plan either.

It is just the unfortunate fact that genetics are working with him and against you when it comes to getting muscle definition in the abdominal region.

A woman needs a higher body fat percentage than a man to function properly, so when it comes to getting abs, her body will fight harder than a man’s to keep some of that body fat on the stomach area.

When it comes to abdominal muscle definition, it isn’t impossible, but rather just harder to obtain for a woman.

Fact #4: You Don’t Need Strong Ab Muscles to Obtain Six Pack Abs

Many people think you need to gain strong ab muscles to have the look that is widely seen on fitness magazines or in movies. While strength training your core can help prevent injuries while lifting and also make some weight lifting exercises easier, the truth is you only need to get rid of a majority of your body fat to see muscle definition in your core.

Bottom Line

It is important to know these facts in the beginning stages of your workout routine. Write them down if you have to in order to keep them in the back of your mind at all times. Obtaining six pack abs takes patience and persistence. By knowing what works and what doesn’t, you can take out the guesswork and put yourself right on track to your goal of obtaining those ripped six pack abs.

What is your biggest struggle you’re dealing with in obtaining six pack abs? Share your story in the comments section!

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