Practice good gym etiquette.

Don’t Be a Jerk – The 10 Rules for Proper Gym Etiquette

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I cannot count how many times I’ve seen people practicing poor gym etiquette. Unfortunately most people learn proper gym etiquette the hard way… through trial and error.

There are a select few who just never realize they’re acting like jerks to the people around them. I don’t want you to be one of those unfortunate people.

If you follow these 10 rules for proper gym etiquette you’ll know all you need to in order to make your gym experience and those around you a more pleasant one.

The 10 Rules of Proper Gym Etiquette

  1. Clean Up After Yourself – Gyms have paper towels and spray scattered around the gym for a reason. Use them and clean up after you use equipment. Don’t be the person who sweats all over a machine and leaves it to the next person who uses it.
  2. Share Cardio Machines – Most gyms have a time limit policy when cardio machines are full. This is to ensure everyone gets a chance at doing cardio without long wait times. If you notice the cardio machines are full and people are waiting be respectful and give others a turn.
  3. Share Equipment – Don’t hog equipment or weights for yourself. Give other people a chance to hop in for a quick set while you’re waiting. You also never want to leave a towel or water bottle on a machine to claim it while doing something else. Other people may be waiting for that machine and you might not know it. Don’t hog multiple sets of free weights either. If you need to do circuit training with free weights then go on off hours when there aren’t many people.
  4. Put Equipment Away – When you’re done with that pair of dumbbells, finished your benchpress or squats, you need to put away the weights so other people can use them. This also gives people an empty weight bar to work with after you instead of taking your weights off prior to adjusting the weight for themselves.
  5. Wait Your Turn – If someone is using the machine you want to use then wait your turn. Don’t rush them or stand over and wait for them. If they are taking a break while getting ready for their next set you can ask politely if you can jump in.
  6. Keep the Cell Phone in Your Pocket – The gym isn’t the place to chat with someone on the phone. No one wants to hear your conversation while they are working out. Besides, are you there to chat or to work out?
  7. Don’t Offer Unsolicited Advice – Unless you’re a personal trainer, do not go up to someone and offer advice while they are working out unless they ask you to. While your intentions may be good, you may give them inaccurate information that can hurt them.
  8. Wear Proper Clothing – Don’t wear improper clothing. Women shouldn’t wear clothing that shows too much cleavage and men shouldn’t go in shirtless. Wearing too little clothing spreads sweat onto machines easier.
  9. Don’t Socialize – Don’t huddle around equipment or the water fountain. People can be waiting for them without you knowing it. The gym isn’t for socializing. It is for working out and getting fit. If you want to socialize then go to the bar.
  10. Keep Clean – Don’t go into the gym all smelly. People can smell body odor and it is not acceptable at the gym just because you’re going to get sweaty anyway. Put on some deodorant before going to the gym.

Final Thoughts

Find out why it is so important to practice good gym manners at all times.

If you’re a beginner it can be intimidating going into a gym and getting started with a workout routine. Fortunately you don’t have to worry about if you’re practicing proper gym etiquette anymore.

When I was first starting out at the gym, I was guilty of not following some of the basic rules of gym etiquette. The biggest one that took me awhile to shake was keeping my water bottle on gym equipment to claim it as I did another exercise. I had no idea I was being rude for awhile and I am sure I pissed a few people off.

What gym habits do you have that go against proper gym etiquette?

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