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Muscle Building Motivation – Learn from the Greats

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When it comes to building lean muscle, burning fat, and transforming your physique, your mental approach has to be rock solid. I believe that with all great changes in life, you have to start with your mental approach. That’s why I always make sure I am in the muscle building motivation mindset.

For years, I was struggling to transform my physique the way I wanted to. I became very frustrated. Despite this, I stuck with it and I started getting more into the “muscle building mindset”. My overall approach and motivation improved exponentially. I read many interviews and readings from Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he was the most influential in helping me develop the mental strength needed to transform my physique.

This guy literally “willed” his muscles to grow. He had the determination and will power unlike anything I had ever seen. It is no surprise that Arnold had amazing success in Bodybuilding, where you are tested mentally and physically every day. He took this knowledge to excel in one of the most competitive industries in the world – The Entertainment Industry.

“Break the Rules, Not the Law”

Everybody told him that he couldn’t be something, and certainly couldn’t be an actor. He REFUSED to listen, and his sheer willpower and self-confidence led him to such an incredible life. This guy IN THE SAME LIFETIME, became the biggest body building champion, a worldwide movie star, and Governor of the Great State of California. It all started with the determination and self-sacrifice he learned in his early days of bodybuilding.

Once you are able to push yourself past your comfort zone – both Physically AND mentally, you can achieve ANYTHING!

That’s what this fitness transformation stuff is all about. It’s about maximizing your potential in life. Striving to be something great every single day that you walk this earth. It is scary how many people get up everyday and walk this earth that never have the ambition to do something great with their life. Those people let life pass them by and live with regrets.

Who cares if someone else is in better shape than you. Fitness isn’t about comparing yourself to one person or the next. It’s about learning to push yourself past your mental and physical comfort zones and striving to improve yourself every single day! If you look at all of the incredible success stories this world has seen, I think there is one amazing thing that all these people have in common.

They were all willing to push themselves past their comfort zone regularly.

Living a dedicated life of fitness, health, and maximizing your ability both physically and mentally is what this world is all about. Do you want to sit back one day when you’re 75 years old and regret your decisions? Regret how hard you worked? Regret that you didn’t get more out of your life? This is unfortunately the reality that many people are faced with. As Arnold looked at it in terms of bodybuilding, “Better sore than sorry.” Don’t regret your day-to-day decisions in anything you do. Treat each day as an opportunity to get a day closer to the life and body you desire!

Don’t have ANY regrets. If you work as hard as you can and push yourself past your comfort zone consistently, how can you regret anything that happened in your life?

Dig Deep Down and Ask Yourself – Who Do You Want to Be?

Motivation To Build Muscle

What is the end goal with your physique and your new lifestyle of health and fitness? If you have a tangible goal that your new lifestyle can help you with, you will be far more motivated to stay on track.

Find some tangible goal and set a timeline for this goal.

Remember – your body is a physical representation of where you want to go in this world.

The better you physically look, the more self-confidence and motivation you will have in other facets of your life.

Boxing Great Muhammad Ali was once asked how many sit ups he does per day. His reply was, “I have no idea; I only count once they get hard.”

This is the most critical body transformation rule.

Channel this mindset into EVERY workout and I guarantee that you will have incredible results.

The pain that you feel should trigger you to keep going, Not to stop. Many people perform a set, feel a slight pain (The lactic acid building up) and then they stop. The people who have the best body transformations and who have the best results in the shortest amount of time take this pain as a sign to keep going!

These are the repetitions that really count. Your entire set should revolve around getting to this point and then doing as many repetitions as you can. All of the burning and lactic acid build up is what unleashes your anabolic hormones and helps break down the lean muscle tissue, which will grow, repair, and rebuild bigger and stronger!

This is exactly the same in life. Every decision and opportunity in your life will take you to a point where you have to push past a barrier or an obstacle to achieve the ultimate goal. It is during these times that we really find out how bad we want it and how hard we are willing to push ourselves outside our comfort zone.

Have you ever left the gym after an incredibly difficult workout and said, “I really regret that I worked out that hard?” Of course not! You probably felt amazing and happier than ever before. Working out hard releases your endorphins which has been clinically proven to eliminate stress and make you “feel good”.

Every time you step in the gym and workout, remind yourself that the pain is only temporary and the results of the hard work last forever!

A small sacrifice to achieving the best you possible!

Remember to dig deep down to get that muscle building motivation and become the best possible you, each and everyday.

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