Omni Sets For Muscle Growth

Omni Sets For Muscle Growth – Supercharge Your Muscle Gains

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When it comes to packing on slabs of muscle mass quickly, you always have to find new and creative ways to stimulate and shock your muscles into growth. Your body is extremely stubborn when it comes to building muscle.

You only build lean muscle mass when you create healthy micro tears through your training regimen. The problem is that most guy’s workout routines are very static and do not offer much variety. Guys, static workouts cause plateaus in gains.

If you go in the gym and perform the exact same chest workout routine for 2 straight months, you are bound to hit a plateau. You may see some progress for the first few weeks and then after that, your results will slow down drastically.

If you want to break down a muscle group to its max, you need to challenge it in different ways. This is why advanced bodybuilding strategies are so powerful. You’re going to see why omni-sets are a powerful tool I use to accelerate my gains.

What are Omni Sets?

Omni sets are an advanced bodybuilding technique that is designed to stimulate sleeping muscle fibers into maximum growth. Omni sets are actually a cross between drop sets and supersets. The goal is to tear more muscle fibers than performing regular sets.

Omni sets utilize the concept of training the entire region of a muscle group in one superset. Take for example the bench press. During a repetition you work the middle portion of your chest, but neglect the harder to hit muscle fibers in the upper chest.

To work your entire chest in one “Omni Set” you could superset db upper chest pull overs right after you perform the flat bench press. The end result is that you are breaking down just about every muscle fiber in your chest during one hardcore superset!

You can perform Omni sets with any muscle group just by switching up the angle or exercise you superset with.

The Benefits of Omni Sets

Omni Sets Help Stubborn Muscle Groups Grow

Omni sets are incredible for building up a stubborn to grow muscle group such as your pectorals, biceps or deltoids. Omni Sets allow you to create more healthy micro tears within a muscle group by working it out from multiple angles in the same superset.

Omni sets are like combining the benefits of supersets and drop sets all while targeting the same muscle group from different angles. The end result is that you create more micro tears and build up the muscle group much quicker than performing regular sets.

Omni sets are also fantastic for improving strength and increasing your 1 rep max on compound lifts. Since your muscle group will be pre-fatigued before you perform the “omni superset”, you get the chance to work a muscle group to extreme failure under a pre-fatigued environment. This is a fantastic way that even advanced lifters and bodybuilders can enhance strength.

Be forewarned however – as many advanced omni sets may be too difficult for beginners and can result in injuries.

Take for instance an Omni set involving hamstrings. You could perform stiff leg dead lifts and superset with Prone leg curls. This is a killer hamstring workout, but if your muscle is not developed you will likely pull or tear something trying this for the first time.

Omni-sets are a tool to be utilized when you’ve at least lifted for consistently for a year or two.

How to Properly Use Omni Sets

Omni sets are really easy to incorporate into your workout routine. If you are following a standard 4 or 5 day training split, you can simply add an omni set into your routine for each muscle group. However, if you’re doing a full-body 1 or 2 day split, it will require a little bit more flexibility to incorporate into your workout.

Here are a few ideas for omni sets for each muscle group. Remember to start slow and assess how your body handles Omni sets for the first time. If you have been working out for less than 2 years it may too too advanced and could result in a muscle tear or pull.


Db Walking Lunges – Omni Set = Leg Extension


Stiff Leg Dead lift – Omni Set = Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl


Barbell Bench Press – Omni Set = Db Pull Overs


Db Alternate Curls – Omni Set = Reverse Grip EZ Bar Curl


Rope Triceps Extension – Omni Set = Db Triceps Kickbacks


Db Shoulder Press – Omni Set = Db Lat Raises

Note: You should superset both exercises by doing the primary exercise followed directly by the omni set, then rest between 30-60 seconds and proceed to do additional supersets.

My Opinion on Omni Sets

As a fitness model and physique competitor, I personally love omni sets. I have made a stand to stay 100 percent drug free my entire fitness career and always need to find challenging ways to create micro tears in my muscles and change up my routine.

Omni sets are one of the best ways to break down and target a muscle group from multiple angles. They are especially powerful when training a stubborn muscle group. I have found that working my biceps and pectorals with Omni sets have helped me push past multiple plateaus.

If you enjoy trying advanced training techniques, give omni sets a try during your next workout!

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